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Snail Adventure Tours is local tour operator, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. our company owned and run by Tuyen Nguyen ( Tony Nguyen) who has been had great experiences and knowledges in real adventure tours for 20years in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. After working as cycling and trekking guide for international travel agencies in Vietnam, Tony decided to open private adventure company with its name Snail Adventure Tours for himself.  He would like to share his passion and knowledge and experience for those who want to explore Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar by their unique way. Moreover ,Our company offers one of the best ground services tours in Vietnam such as cycling guides, trekking guides, kayaking guides, Mountain bike Trek 4300 series 2017-2018, Canonnadel Trail 5 – 2018-2019with front suspension, 27 speeds, high quality helmets to meet  pro cyclist's demand.


Cycling tours

Our cycling routes is off the beaten tracks and single paths, we want to take tourist to less travel regions to enjoy the countryside, the villages, the people to experience their cultures and their wonderful smile  of school kids. Our philosophy is: to provide once in a life time adventure tour with real life experience and see real country. Snail Adventure Tours   have professional cycling guides who  have been passionate about cycling for many years.
Cycling team carefully design and newly develop cycling routes for fun and enjoyable to suit all level of cyclists. Being advance for cycling in Vietnam, our team has always worked hard to develop new product for our customers. More than cycling, we are really excited to show tourists our country, meeting with the people and interacting with the community. You will enjoy local food to experience rural Vietnam at its most authentic. Most of our cycling guides are , full well trained by Vietnam National Administration Departerment . and  well educated  with First Aid Certification by Vietnam SOS.. They are proud and eager to promote cycling across Vietnam and the region.


Trekking tours

Vietnam has been ermerging as  fascinating destination for trekking and hiking in 21 century. It is blessed with vibrant and stunning green jungle, colorful hill tribe people, diverse ecosystem and wildlife, abundant  natural resource, lush and endless national parks, remote  and secluded hill trail trails, rustic villages, nature reserves and friendly eco homestay families.
Trekking in Vietnam offers variety of outdoor activities and will satisfy that  part of you that seek for an adventure that connect you with Vietnam’ natural essence
Trekking in Vietnam provides unlimited opportunities for people who want to connect and share emotion with nature and people by their ownway. From Hill Station Sapa to view top Fansipan ( 3143 m), known as the roof of Indochina,. down to bottom of Sapa valley. It offers breathtaking scenic beauty and picturesque panoramas .Addition to, North west from Mai Chau – Son La – Bien Bien – Lai Chau – to North East Ha Giang – Cao Bang – Lang son – Ba Be National Parks boast  mysterious and  outstanding landscapes of lush green vegetable, wildlife and  rich cultural treasures.. Trekking through lush Nature Reserves and vibrant National Parks in whole Vietnam offers another experiences for your trips. The active adventurers are rewarded by pristine nature, observed majestic scenery. Stay with local families  and  enjoy delicious food in Eco homestay villages is unforgettable memories.


Kayaking tours

Halong Bay is the world’s most spectacular sea kayaking destination. Thousands of limestone islets rise vertically from the warm, jade ocean to form a maze of protected waterways with countless sea arches, sea caves and hidden lagoons. Twenty years ago we pioneered sea kayaking in Halong Bay, and since then we have been exploring every nook and cranny of this awe-inspiring archipelago, finding secret places that we share with our guests. Join us for an adventure in style: our mothership, a traditional-styled sailing junk features double cabins with en-suite bathrooms, large deck areas for relaxing and a dining room where you delight in gourmet cuisine, including incredible local seafood fresh from the bay.

Adventure tours – off the beaten track

Many visitors are overwhelmed by the sublime beauty of the country's natural setting; the stunning hills, mountains and valleys to be explored in the north; the Mekong Delta in the south and the many hundreds of miles of deserted beaches that lie in-between. The majority of adventure tour itineraries allow you to travel the length of the country ensuring you get to enjoy all the amazing beaches, the patchwork of rice paddies to be seen mile after mile in all directions, and to enjoy the abundance of fresh seafood that plays such an important part in the popularity of Vietnamese cuisine – you think it tastes good back home, just wait until you taste the real thing!


Photo tours – untouched regions

With its amazing diversity and rich cultural history, Vietnam offers the adventurous traveler a unique opportunity to photograph a wide sampling of subjects: amazing environmental scenery, expressive native people, architectural marvels and sacred spaces.. Focus your lens on the diversity of Vietnam’s landscape: bustling cities, rare pagodas, lush jungles, tribal women and exquisite vistas. Document the eclectic mix of ancient and modern in an expanded portfolio of priceless images.  From tropical paradise to traditional fishing villages to the endless fields of rice paddies, Vietnam is truly a photographer’s dream come true.


Outdoor – multi activities sport tours

Being active as you travel through the north offers a real opportunity to interact and stay with Vietnam’s northern ethnic minorities, explore national parks on foot and paddle in the dramatic Halong Bay. From the vibrant centre of Hanoi ,we travel deep into the valleys of Mai Chau, where we cycle and walk between the traditional stilted villages of the White Thai minority. Avoiding the main highways is crucial to enjoying Vietnam at handle bar level, and as we approach PhuLuong Nature Reserve,  we again cycle and walk through the lush jungle and homestay with the Thai and Muong minority at Eco homestay villages.  We explore towering limestone karst scenery at Ninh Binh by bike, boat and on foot before heading to the tranquillity of Halong Bay for 2 nights aboard our well appointed junk. Here we kayak, swim and relax in the turquoise waters of this truly special place.

Tourism based on community

Nowadays, community-based tourism has become one of the main trends of international travelers who love to experience unique and diversified cultures of local communities. Community-based tourism is capable of bringing real benefits to local people, including: Increased direct incomes from tourist services which sometimes significantly exceed those from agricultural doing; improved infrastructure; jobs creation; strengthened cultural exchange; raised social awareness about culture preservation…
Tourists coming to Viet Nam could make their choice among various community-based tourism products as visiting traditional handicraft villages, exploring nature, experiencing a farmer’s life, discovering unique cultures of ethnic minorities… Tourism has been considered one of the most effective tools for poverty alleviation in Viet Nam, of which community-based tourism plays a significant role.  Community-based tourism development in Mai Chau (Hoa Binh Province) or Sa Pa (Lao Cai Province) are some of successful stories.
 Beside provinces of Hoa Binh and Lao Cai, many other localities have been pushing hard to develop community-based tourism. Tourists will have chances to go fishing with local fishermen in Hoi An or to experience a farmer’s life in the Mekong Delta...
 Community-based tourism is a good direction of Viet Nam tourism. However, in the process of development, not only positive achievements but negative consequences have also been seen. Effective solutions should be taken into account so as to ensure environment protection, culture preservation, benefits of local communities as well as of other relevant stakeholders in community-based tourism, thus attaining sustainable development goals


School tours

Snail Adventure Tour’specially designs student tours & school holiday tours that go beyond just seeing amazing sights. Our trips are not only educational, but also a great way to make new friends, learn some Vietnamese and understand more about the lives of local people.
Our Vietnam school tour mission is to provide memorable trip to students and teachers that balance fun with personal enrichment experiences while you are in Vietnam. Through the many tour itineraries we offer our goal is to broaden your students’ horizons, challenge their minds and create memories that will last a lifetime.
We are proud each of our well-designed school tour program. We realize that a successful itinerary requires us to meet the needs of students, parents, and teachers alike. Therefore, we offer only high quality but at most affordable school packages prices.
For each school tours, we create learning opportunities that invite students to become actively engaged in the local culture by offering numerous interactive activities, so that they not only see, but also participate in the local culture. And students also have the chance to do some community services, making their trip a responsible one and giving them eye-opening experiences.
We take care of all the practical details and the trip is planned down to the last detail so parents will not have to worry while their children are away from home; the students can spend the time to absorb the sights and the culture.
Whether you travel with us around the country of Vietnam, take a historical tour to understand more about Vietnam’s history, tour on a northern, center or southern Vietnam trips, or just need two or three day tours in some region of Vietnam, Snail Adventure Tours will work with you to ensure a wonderful school tour in Vietnam for you and your group.

Veteran tours,

Many cannot imagine why Vietnam veterans want to return to a country that brings up so many memories and images of war. However, seeing Vietnam as it is now, meeting people who survived the war, and those who grew up in the post war years, gives veterans the opportunity to bring closure to their Vietnam war experience.

Charity tours

Despite the rapid growth of Vietnam's economy over the years, many things remains to be done in order to help people who are unfortunate in life. Did you know that there are still hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese babies born every year with physical and mental defects directly attributed to the dropping of large quantities of chemicals (Agent Orange) during the Vietnam War? They are born with severe physical and mental defects. There are over 34 million children in Vietnam with many Vietnamese children living in poverty and disabilities. They face hunger, lacking proper education, inadequate health care, homelessness or substandard housing! These children face a bleak future and especially for those who live in the remote mountainous area. Not only they face lesser education opportunities, they also have to tend with severe weather and poor living conditions.

Looking for chances of helping poor families, homeless orphans and disabled children in Vietnam? Our Vietnam charity tours are aiming at helping local communities through different projects such as shelter, healthcare, nutrition, environment and education in remote areas and poor villages around Vietnam. We do understand that we can not build our future without helping others build theirs. If you book with Snail Adventure tours then every made profit flows directly into one of our charity programs. This is a Win -Win situation. All your help and donations regarding the financials and materials will be handed over to poor families and homeless orphan and disabled children on your own during your trip in Vietnam.

Responsible tours.

Responsible tourism is an approach to the management of tourism, aimed at maximising economic, socialenvironmental benefits and minimising costs to destinations. Simply put, Responsible tourism is tourism ‘that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit’. A responsible tourism approach aims to achieve the triple-bottom line outcomes of sustainable development, i.e. economic growth, environmental integrity and social justice.
The distinguishing characteristic of the approach is the focus on the responsibility of role-players in the tourism sector, and destinations in general, to take action to achieve sustainabletourism development. Responsible tourism is based on the respect of the places that we visit as tourists. The focus of responsible tourism is the communities and its traditions, the environment, the nature and the culture.
Snail Adventure Tours plays as the bridge between host and visitor. Meanwhile, focusing on responsible travel, we strive to travel in a way that respects culture, protects our environment and supports the communities we visit.
Participating in this program, you will not only have the chance to experience daily life with Ethnic minorities people, but also  which is the best way to embrace the their traditional cultural values. Especially by teaching English, computer skills and living skills for local people, you will contribute in no small way in creating job opportunities for the disadvantaged groups in the area, such as many unemployed young people who tend otherwise to migrate to cities or urban areas to find jobs and earn money. Your contributions do not only create jobs for the disadvangtaged youth but also support in conserving the hill tribes’ traditional language, music and culture. 
Many tourists when visiting Vietnam may have heard about some famous places while incredibly mesmerizing, is becoming saturated with tourists. And this is what primarily differents Ha Giang from other highland areas where many ethnic minority people gave up their farming work to join vendor groups to follow tourists to earn money. All of those mean they will make their own unique identities to be blurred as well as cause disorder and tarnish the image of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends.
Therefore in order to minimize some bad effects of tourism on the original beauty of this village, we have being implemented a project about Responsible Tourism that helps to preserve culture of the ethnic people, create job opportunities for local people and protect the living environment also. 

Bird Watching Tours

Vietnam is home to one of the richest avifaunas of any Southeast Asian country, with a number of endemic, near-endemic, and highly threatened species found there. Indeed, no other mainland Southeast Asian country can boast as many endemics, with several unique forms being recently elevated to full species status by ornithologists and taxonomists. Although intense agriculture, population pressures, and the long era of strife have taken their toll, several fine reserves and national parks dot the length of the country and shelter some of Southeast Asia's rarest birds and mammals.
Our plexible itineraries will allow us to sample some of the richest sites that are accessible to tourists. Near Hanoi, the lovely forests of Cuc Phuong NP will provide us with a few days of exciting birding in lovely limestone karst forest, and Tam Dao NP gives us a taste of an avifauna with strong Himalayan affinities. We'll continue on to Annam and Cochinchina, where we'll visit three of the richest stops in the south: the mountainous Da Lat area, one of the most important centers of endemism in the country; the Di Linh area, home to a number of range-restricted birds unlikely to be seen elsewhere; and Cat Tien NP, arguably the richest lowland forest birding site in the country and a wonderfully comfortable place to finish up our tour.

Motocycle tours

motocycle tours is amazing experience for active people while traveling in South East Asian countries in general and Vietnam in Particular. With its thin and narrow country. Vietnam offers fascinating scenery and rich cultural treasure for peace lovers tourist. , we have been touring the most remote parts of Vietnam for the past 15 years. Our goal has always been the same: to deliver quality service and to keep it real! We will show you the true depth of culture of this wonderful country, whilst keeping the riding awesome and full of adventure (always avoiding the typical ’tourist’ routes). This seems to work well, as many of our riders return again and again for more adventures across this beautiful Rider’s Paradise! They simply love what we.
Snail Adventure Tours organize top quality, high-end tours all year round, with tours ranging from 1 day to 20 days.  Our customers include solo riders, couples, families, groups of friends and plenty of motorcycle clubs! Feel free to contact us anytime for any questions, advice or assistance regarding touring Vietnam. If you’re like us and are not into the busy mainstream tourism scene, then you have found the right tour operator..! Our tours are unique and unusual, offering rides through areas that the others have yet to discover. Our tours are designed exclusively for experienced riders seeking the ultimate undiscovered motorcycling holiday.
We have all full sized motorcycles and are perfect for touring Vietnam, offering good comfort and smooth riding for both rider and pillion alike. Our bikes are thoroughly serviced and well-maintained before, during and after all of our tours, also meeting both local cc regulations and international travel insurance guidelines for licensed motorcycle riders. Our many riders from all over the world have confirmed that our selection is the right choice for the job and that they are a fun and easy bike to ride in all weather and road conditions.

The Honda- dirt bike and Yamaha offers good, reliable performance and the fact that everyone is on the same bike certainly helps to keep the playing field even!  Road speeds in Vietnam are at a relaxed pace, averaging 60-80kph. This certainly adds to the relaxed countryside charm, though that’s not to say you won’t face plenty of challenging riding!

Caves expedition

Discovering many less explored, beautiful and mesmerizing caves around Phong Nha National Park in the fascinating  region of Central Vietnam. Our active tours from easy walking to hard trek adventure options that unveils the diverse landscape around Phong Nha National Park. Embark on a number of exciting trekking routes through dense forests and along mountain trails with breathtaking panoramic views. The easy option is favorite tours for travelers who have limited time. It is a wonderful, memorable experience for people of all ages, including children . The adventure option is physically challenging, but no experience is necessary. The adventure tours are made for special interest groups or individual who are ready to explore on your knees, on your belly, in the mud and through tight tunnels, rivers, stream or climb over the mountains. You will have change to unforgettably experience the world’s biggest cave or longest caves We also offer different types of transportation and tours such as Jeep excursions and kayaking down the River, inside the caves, biking through rustic village and forest.



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