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Mu Cang Chai is located on midway of Northwest Vietnam. It  boasts the stunning scenery  and pristine nature. Especially, Rice terrace rice paddy known as National heritage site of Vietnam. The terraced fields are cared for many generations of H’mong people began yellowing in the fields.
Ethnic highland Yen Bai farming on mountain slopes. Through spring, one must wait until the rain, while the flooded rice terraces (known as water poured season), and embark on transplant new single crop in years. The talented hands, diligence of the Dao, Mong, Ha Nhi, Giay, Tay, Xa Pho, Nung, Pa Di … this world is connected to the other life creating masterpieces.
From Hanoi across Khe Pass to pass over to the land of Yen Bai and from there, just follow this road through Nghia Lo but straight to Mu Cang Chai. Prior to the terraced fields untouched, please stop the Tu Le, enjoy upland rice, chicken fragrant hills, before Khau Pha Pass exceed 20 km to come to the land of Mu cang Chai. La Pan Tan Road through Che Cu Nha and two communes with the most beautiful rice fields in Mu Cang Chai, nobody can take over immediately without stopping to look at the masterpieces of Hmong people are brilliant awaiting harvest. Poring herd highway police, playful side of the fence. In the distance, a few shacks were built to guard the rice. The Hmong live on high; they just look down to the rice and then rising high above in. Yen Bai land with easy ground floor there are landslides solid terraces and beautiful to the world.
Mu Cang Chai district has 2,200 hectares of terraces, which include La Pan Tan Commune three, Che Cu Nha and to treat aneurysm, the area is 500 hectares of terraces. 500 hectares of this land is the heritage of the Mong people was degreed by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on October 18th 2007, a scenic perhaps special and unique to most of Vietnam. Within a radius of 20 km extends, the plot was arranged between the two sides halfway up the mountain, descending down to the river bottom ultramarine blue.
Grain season, both the highway dyed a shiny yellow color of the terraced fields extends into the valley close to the stream bottom, the radiant of the harvest and the sun as honey. Across the valley scented rice, looming on the ball field green scarf in the sea red scarf yellow rice.
In late afternoon, the rain shadow suddenly passes over the bright sky in the sun, the rainbow of five colors adorn the beauty of Mu Cang Chai, the sea sparkling yellow, blue. Lyrical and beautiful scenery to heart passers. Khau Pha Pass From above figure, Tu Le Valley extends sight, the most beautiful scenery of golden autumn in the remote northwest

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