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Tour Operator license

Snail Adventure Toursis local tour operator, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. our company ownedand run by Tuyen Nguyen ( Tony Nguyen) who has been had great experiences and knowledges in real adventure tours for 18years in Vietnam, laos, Cambodia. After working as cycling and trekking guide for international travel agencies in Vietnam, Tony decided to open private adventure company with its name Snail Adventure Tours for himself.  He would like to share his passion and knowledge and experience for those who want to explore Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar by their unique way.

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Privacy policy


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Your Guide

. Snail Adventure Tours   hasprofessional cycling guides who  have been passionate about cycling for many years

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Rules of the roads

Rules of the roads
·         Always wear a correctly  adjusted helmets
·         Always ride at the speed you are comfortable with
·         Do not  over do it or ride beyond your abilities as accidents are not fun. If stretches are too technical for you. It is better to walk than fall.

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