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25-11-2016 QUESTION & ANSWER

Booking conditions
Snail Adventure Tours Co..ltd accepts booking subject to the client agreeing to the conditions set out within this section
Please notice it is your responsibilityto ensure that:
When booking: you are  aware that cancellations or amended bookings may be subject to additional charges
You read  the Snail Adventure tours booking conditions
You have  adequate travel insurance
You check all booking details and paperworks ( email or Fax) carefully to ensure that  all details are correct.
Before departure
You have nessessary entry visa for all the countries you are visiting
You hold  a valid 10 year passport, with at least  six month validity still remain from the date you departed from your last Asian destination
You reconfirm your flight 72hours prior to departure
You have received profestional medical advice and any nessessary vaccinations.
When departing
You have your Sail Adventure tours pack with you
You check in at least three hours prior to departure
Once abroad:  you meet your Snail Adventure Tours representative  as arranged
  You reconfirm all  fights 72 hours prior to departure – this must be done with  the airline locally.
You have a holiday of a life time
When you book with Snail Adventure Tours:
Your contract is with Snail Adventure Tours Co…ltd ( hereafter also referred to as “we and us”)
Snail Adventure Tour co..ltd registered in Vietnam with licenced - business number 0106154320
Ground arrangements:
Snail Adventure have made it clear on this website and your itinerary paperwork that delays and changes to methods of transport are common through out the regions we operate in and that they can run below operational standards that would be regarded as normal in much of developed world. We can not accept  any claim for indirect or consiquential loss arising from the failure of transport suppliers to conform either to timetables supplied by us or to the own timetables. We can not accept any claim for  shock, loss, distress, whether mental or financial. Arising from deviation from operational standards by third party transport suppliers whose service form part of our itineraries ( whether orginal or amended). Please note that the time of road and rail departure are estimated only
Various standards of preparation and certain levels of fitness are required for many of our more adventurous itineraries – it is individual participant’s responsibility to asses their own suitability and to prepare themselves to a suitable level for any of our itineraries.. we unable to refund any money in respect of services from which you withdraw after arrival.with reasonable notice, alternative versions of most of our activities can be organised for our customers and we  will endeavour to assist in all reasonable instances
If you are in any double about whether you should travel on any of our itineraries, you should consult your medical advisers
Routings/ timings/ confirmation
Unless otherwise stated,, the routing on the air ticket can not be changed once booked. Please note that the time of the air ticket departure are astimated only.
These times may be affected  by operational difficulties such as weather conditions. Flight times  may be subjected to change and the lastest available times will appear on the final itinerary. Please note that direct flight can have a scheduled stop en route and all flights(n indirect and direct) can be operated by another carriers ( code – share). Most airline reserve the right to alter their schedules, destination airport and or type of aircraft. Such changes will not entitle you to compensation nor to cancel or change your travel arrangement  without paying additional charges. Please  also note  carriers have conditions of carriage
Which is apply to you and which limited or exclude liability. Snail Adventure will not make alternative travel arrangement if there is a delay at the outbout or inbound point of departure. Most airlines have do make provision in circumstances
You must reconfirm all flights reservation directly with the relevant airline at least 72 hours prior to departure. ( your guide will be albe to assist you with this when you  are abroad). This allows the airline to inform  you of any schedule changes to your itinerary. You may also be asked to provide contact detail that they can use in the even of further delays or cancellation. For worldwide airline contact detail please visit
www.airlinecontact.com.  You must check in for all international flights at least two hours prior to departure or follow up to date advice.
Airfare taxes: these are payable on departure from ( and sometimes on arrival at) most airports. Taxes that have been paid in advance will be marked on your invoice. We do not collect all airfare taxes, some of which are to be paid locally. Arrival and departure taxes are government – imposed taxes and can change without notice. Snail Adventure have no control over this aspect of your travel arrangement. Additional costs such as fuel surcharges, can be levied by a suppliers at any point at to a ticket/ voucher being used.
Price and payment:
A booking will be accepted once refundable and non- transferable deposit is received. All booking are accepted on a request only basic and are based on itinerary and booking  details sent to by your consultant – it is your responsibility to check  these details carefully and advice us of any errors.( i.e an incorrectly  spelt name on an issued airline ticket)
Reciept of completed booking form does not imply availability of any holiday, while your deposit secures your reservation with Snail Adventure, it does not guarantee the availabitity of  any accommodation, ground services. Your holiday cost can change due to external enfluences, out of control, such as hotel  availability, exchange rates, fuel surcharges and airlines changing or cancelling services.
Filnal cost are only guaranteed once all service have been confirmed and in the case of the flights and all airline tickets have been issued.
Payment schedule:
To confirm a booking
60 days before departure, a 30% deposit on all ground services and  all flights will be required. The full balance payment will be due  at least 30 days  prior to departure.
Within 45 days of your departure
A 30 % deposit on all ground services and all domestic flights will be required. Full payment will be required upon confirmation of your holiday availabilitiy of  in most instances.
It is your responsibility to ensure that all payment deadline are met. Snail Adventure will not send out any reminders
Full payment deadline are set to protect for your booking as airlines and operators are within their rights to raise prices and in some instances cancel booking,
If the balance due date are not met, your travel arrangerment may be cancelled and you may be loss your deposit. It is  therefore to your advantage to finallize your payment as soon as possible.( please note your payment terms are liable to change – your consultant will advice you at time of booking)
You can download these  by click here Reservation form and Personal form.
How to pay
1: Bank tranfer ( strongly recommend to our bank account):
Settlement of Accounts
Account name: Snail Adventure Tours Co.. Ltd
Account number: 0011374120709 USD Dollar
                             0011144120717 EUR
Bank name: Join Stock Mommercial Bank For Foreign Trade of Vietnam
198: Tran Quan Khai – Hoan Kiem – Hanoi – Vietnam
Telex: 411504/ 411229 VCB – VT
Tel: 84 – 4 39343137
Fax: 84 - 4 38269067
2: Money Transfer Services
    Western Union ( strongly recommended)
 +   Western Union Services ( quick, popular)
http:// www.westernunion.com/info/select country.asp
  + Money Gram : http://www.moneygram.com/index.htm
Recipient information in case you use Western Union or Monet gram Services
Name of beneficiary/ Reciever: PHAM THI ANH
Surname: PHAM :   Middle name: THI  :  Lastname/Given name: ANH
ID: 111461815
Ad: Khe Hoi – Ha Hoi – Thuong Tin – Hanoi – Vietnam
3: Master/ Visa Card/ JCB/ Amex by online payment System
Incase of the credit card payment, you must pay 4% for credit card fee. We connect with OnePAY Payment Gateway to accept Online Card Payment ( www.onepay.vn)
All of your card information is processed through SSL protocol  with international card security standard. Your card information will not be stored at our system ( merchant)
After you have received Invoice Payment Link, please check the information of the Invoice. If all informations is correct, please check the Terms and Conditions and click, I agree with Terms and Conditons , and click Submit. You will be redirected to OnePay Payment Gateway to pay us online with  Visa, Master Card, American Express, and JCB Card with following steps.
Input card information:
The URL ( Uniform Resource locator) will begin with http://onepay.vn..
To make the payment, you will input the following card information:
·        Card number
·        Expiration Date
·        SCS ( Card Security Code – SVV, CVC)
·        Billing Address ( Card holder’s Address which has been registered with the Issuers bank)
·        Click “Pay”
·        Online payment password ( if you have enrolled 3D Secure program for your card with the issuer Bank namely Verified by Visa for Visa Card, Master Card Secure Code for  Master Card and J – Secure for JCB card
Changing or cancelling your booking
 Changing your booking
If you wish to change your booking arrangement, after payment confirmation has been issued will endeavour  to assist in making these changes to your booking. Snail Adventure may charge a minimum USD $ 100 amendment fee. You should note that it is not always possible to make certain requested amendments. In addition to an charge raised by Snail Adventure, the costumers will be  liable for any  additional costs incurred by us  or raised but suppliers. Please note that airline  do not allow passengers name changes. To change a passengers name on a booking may require full cancellation of the original booking and the purchasing of another tickets.
Cancelling booking
Rights to refunds if you change or cancel your reservation are sometime limited as we usually need to prepay some suppliers, and our negotiated rate are obtained through committing to advance payment.we strongly recommend you purchase trip insurance, which may reimburse you for cancellation penalties and extra trip expenses should a circumstance covered by the policy force you to cancel or interrupt your trip. In the event we cancel a trip, for any reason, all money for services described in the reserved itinerary, less airline tickets cancellation fees, will be refunded.
Any canellation by a lient must be in writing  and signed  the client or email directly from client’s own  email account. The date on which the cancellation notice is received by the company or its agents will determine the applicable cancellation fee.
Fefund checks will normally be mailed within three weeks of cancellation, asssuming we experience no difficulty or delay in recceiving the corresponding refunds from suppliers involved.
Once travel commences there will be no refund made on unused portions, nor is the price or value exchangeable for alternative services. Snail Adventure tours prepay hotels, and tour operators,. If you should  not use  some portion of your reservation , hotels or tour operator is wiiling to give  you credit, you must have a signed  letter from the manager requesting Snail Adventure tour to issue a refund.
Unless indicated otherwise at or prior to the time of reservation, the followig changes per person will apply in the event of cancellation prior to arrival.
Cancellation charges as a general rule, unless otherwise stated, our policy is that all cancellation must be informed  in writing either email or fax. Cancellation will be charged as follows:
·        More than 30 days prior to holiday departure, no charge, however, the deposit is non refundable.
·        14 -29 days before arrival: 35% charge
·        7 – 13 days before  arrival : 50% charge
·        6 – 4 days before arrival:    75% charge
·        Within 3 days before arrival : 100% charge
Website accurancy and local conditions
The description of hotels, cars, flights, tours and other services in the website have been complied based on current information available at the time of creation,
However, changes may occur after the of publication. There may be occasions, when facilities may be withdrawn or reduced  by accommoddation owners or proprietors of other services. For example,  a pool may be closed for cleaning  and or renovation, if there are several restaurranti in hotel, some may close down in low  season. Redecoration or consruction work may occur  even in high season. Such changes are beyond our control. However  when we are adviced  of any development work, or changes in the information shown in this website, we will make every effort to advice  you prior to departure.
1.      Snail Adventure Tour  shall not under any circumstances be liable, in contract, tort or otherwise, for any of expense, damages or losses incurred or sustained by you which arise from or as a result of the delay or cancellation of any scheduled flight
Any of the expenses, damages or losses incurred or sustained by you which arise from or  as a result of changes in the travel of programs, routes or timetables
Any of the expenses, damages or losses incurred or sustained by you which arise from  or  as a result of  the missing of the flights due to your failure to comply with airline check in or boarding proceduces, and or failure to comply with visa and health requirements of the countries they intend to visit
2.      it is expressly declared that all the airlines concerned, their servants, agents and affiliates are not liable, incontract, tort or otherwise for any loss, damage or injury, however caused to the tour participants during the time in transit. The passengers ticket in used by such  airlines, when issued, shall constitute to the sole contract between the airline and the purchaser of these tickets  and /or the tour participants, and the tour participants shall be deemed  to have full notice of the terms and conditions of such contractors
3.      It is also expressly declared  that Snail Adventure Tours act only as agents fot the owners, suppliers, providers or contractors proving the meaning of transportation or other services during the caurse of your tours or travel. Any tickets or vouchers or confirmed reservations for such meanings of transportation or other services are issued or made or provided electronically subject to any and all terms and conditions under which such services are offered or provided ( details available upon request), and the issurance and acceptance of such tickets or vouchers or confirmed reservation shall be deemed to be consent by you to the further condition that the Snail Adventure Tours shall not be or become liable or responsible in any way for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay, changes in schedule, changes in vehicle or ship, boat or another form of transport, hotels, overbooking, or other inconveniences to you, your property or effects however caused by such mean of transpotation or other services.
4.      All travel times are based on the best information available at the time of confirmation. Due to the nature of international travel changes to  schedules and itineraries may  be necessary and may also prevent the inclusion of some activities. No refund can be given for such elimination. We do not accept responsibility for losses or accidental expresses due to changes or delays  in airlines or hotel overbooking, defaults, weather, strikes, sickness, war, riots, or any other causes not with in the power of Snail Adventure Tours. All such losses or expenses are the responsibilityof the passengers
          Snail Adventure Tours have full and absolute discretion to cancel or shorten the duration of any tour in the even of force majeure, hostilities, accident or other circumstances beyon the control of Nail Adventure tours which render it is necessary in the Snail Adventure tours reasonable opinion that such  steps be taken. Snail Adventure Tours shall be relieved from all liabilities and obligations resulting there from, upon notice to the tour participants and refund of amounts paid for the tour or the unused portions of the tours, as appropriate, and recovered from suppliers. SnailAdventure Tours will use its best endeavors to seek full refund for the tour or the unused portion of the tours, as appropriate, but will not be laible for any amounts which supliers and providers of such services refuse to refund for whatever reason
In such circumstances Snail Adventure Tours will do all possible to provide alternative necessary travel arrangement to ensure the safe passes for our clients. Any costs incurred are in addition to the original cost of the existing holiday
And it may be required for them to be paid in advance,
We strongly recommended that as time of your booking, you suply yourself with insurance policy in your country to cover cancellation charges, luggage claim,medical expenses, accident or others, for possible, see and click in Travel insurance
All travel documents and vouchers issued by Snail Adventure Tours and its agents are subjected to the terms and conditions of the suppliers, to the law of their countries, and to international conventions between countries. The passenger agree that Snail Adventure Tours, its agents, affiliates, employees, shall not be laible  foe any damages or losses incurred. All participant expressly way any and all rights which one  may have against Snail Adventure Tours, its agents, officers, or employees caused by negligence of such persons with connection with foregoing. Under no circumstances Snail Adventure Tours to be construed as a carrier or common carrier under contract for safe passage of the passengers or for the luggage and /or bellongings. By enrolling in or and tendering payment for any and all services participants agree to accept and agree tobe bound by the terms and conditions on the website. No other person than an officers of Snai Adventure Tours  by document in writing is authorized to waive or alter any condition with the foregoing.

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